Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weight Loss

Ok, so I had fully planned to do the 5 day test yesterday, when it got time for lunch I realized that I didn't have any of the things that I needed to do this test. So I am going to make a list and go shopping this weekend and start on Monday. I am bummed, but I didn't plan, so what can I do...
However, I think that I was still in the mindset, or something because when I weighed myself this morning it read....

drum roll please....

177.5!!! That is a total weight loss of 25.5 lbs since surgery and 28.5 since I started this journey! I am finally out of the 180s and the scale finally moved! I am so happy! After my first child, I had made another, fairly successful attempt to loose weight, I lost about 30 something and ended up at 174 before I started packing it back on. So only 3.5 lbs away from my lowest weight since I gained it all starting in 2003. Finally... a step in the right direction :)

I also measured myself since it had been a while, the inches down next to it is the overall loss

Neck 14.5 -1"


R 12.5 -1"

L 12.5 -1.5"

Bust 39 -3.5"

Waist 36 -4.5"

Hips 45 -4"


R 21.5- 1.5"

L 21 -1.5"


R 15.75 -1"

L 15.5 -1"


R 8.75 -.75"

L 8.5 -.75"

Total Inches lost - 22 inches :)

I will try to take pictures tonight for comparison :) YAY for being on the right track!