Monday, March 23, 2009

Feeling like crap :(

I really do hate to complain since I have had this awesome opportunity to help myself and in turn help my family, but I feel like crap :( This isn't anywhere as bad as the c-sections that I have had for my children but still... I don't feel good :(

Last night I took some meds right before bed and didn't take any during the night, that was totally my fault, so I woke up this morning (my first morning without DH) stiff and in pain. My stomach incisions actually are bothering me, where as before they weren't because of the meds. The pain is starting to dull now, so that is good. The worst pain is in my throat, when air (gas) comes up it hurts where I was intubated, it feels like someone is blowing a balloon in my throat...not good! I have had lots of gas pains moving through my stomach, that is really common. I started adding some infant gas drops to my meds and it seems to help a bit.

Hopefully things will be getting better now. Its been a full 72+ hours since surgery so I would imagine that the worst is behind me. Soon, the swelling should go down and the scale should start to move. WOO HOO!

Today, I am also going to start a food journal. Right now my focus is making sure that I am getting enough protein and enough calories. Its amazing how you can go from eating way too much to being worried about not eating enough, but alas, here we are!

Also, while I need to get on a weighing schedule and right now things are crazy with the way I feel, my weight this morning is...

200.5 Woo hoo!